Common Causes of Low Libido and No Sex Drive

Common Causes of Low Libido and No Sex Drive Image title: Common Causes of Low Libido and No Sex Drive Alt image title: no sex drive, low levels of testosterone, menopause, vaginal dryness, psychological issues Image
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Sex Drive: Why is it important to your overall health?

When someone attractive gets close to you, you may feel a stream of pleasure running through your body. The rush of feelings is your sex drive which is telling you that you are in the mood for some hot, steaming sex. Some people have sex to
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The law of attraction, explained and spiced by gear adult

The law of attraction is more than just physics. It is a major part of human lives and can be seen in various stages. One of the most obvious cases is the relationship between men and women. In a literal sense, the law means "Like Attracts Like,"
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Everything you need to know about Male Enhancement Pills

Everything you need to know about Male Enhancement Pills

The very existence of a male enhancement pill is the testimony to man’s long-lasting insecurity about size and sexual performance. The question is, what exactly is a male enhancement pill, and does it really work? 

The markets are filled with pills, ointments, contraptions, and supplements that improve libido and stamina and enhance penis size. Advertisements for enlargement and enhancement products and medications are plastered everywhere. The manufacturers and producers promise instant results and rapid improvement in sexual performance. Generally, male enhancement pills are marketed to men and contain a mixture of various herbal ingredients.

However, every man experiences a decline in sexual performance with increasing age, but a rapid and sudden decrease is a sign of worry. Where sexual satisfaction is what every man desires, the man over the age of 40 is unfortunate in that aspect. These pills offer the consumer a broad spectrum of benefits related to both sexual performance and overall health. From harder erections and better libido to improved stamina and more time in bed, the pills help improve your sex life. 

The pills are manufactured for males who have a hard time getting an erection or suffer from erectile dysfunction. As the man ages, the sexual health problems start to surface, including poor erection, low libido, erectile dysfunction, lower testosterone, and almost no sexual desire. These changes are natural and often result in poor sexual performance and a highly frustrated partner.

The quest for a better size

The increasing age is not the only worry that men over the age of 40 face. The drastic change in sexual performance adds to the stress. Even though there are several ways to suppress and deal with sex-related issues, many of those methods are time and energy-consuming and require persistence, which men of growing age lack. However, the fastest and quick effecting method is to consult a doctor and get a male enhancement pill. The pills are purposed to combat the male sex issues with their highly potent ingredients. 

A multitude of reasons exist for reduced sexual performance in man, ranging from heart diseases and obesity to mental illnesses and diabetes: 

  • Heart diseases

The connection between sexual performance and heart diseases isn’t a far-fetched concept. Both the penis and heart's functioning declines as age increases, and both have some reason and causes. Typically speaking, the erection is all about getting all blood pumped into the penis at the moment of arousal. The flow of blood into the services adds to the rigidity of the penis. However, there are many causes that can impact this process of erection, and the accumulation of fatty plaque in the blood vessels of the heart is one of them. The thick wall of plaque limits the production of nitric acid (the chemical that carries the information of erection and arousal to the brain), which results in weak or no erection at all. 

  • Obesity 

One thing that is quite common among men with erectile dysfunction is increased weight. Men with severe erection problems tend to have wider waist sizes as compared to men without any erection issues or ED (Erectile Dysfunction). Studies indicate that adiposity is the major factor impacting endothelial functioning. The endothelium is a thin membrane lining inside the heart and blood vessels. The core function of the endothelium is to regulate vascular relaxation and contraction. Endothelial dysfunction is considered a warning sign for erectile dysfunction in obese men. 

  • Diabetes 

The higher the blood sugar level, the higher the chances of erectile dysfunction and reduced sex performance. People with type 2 diabetes are known to experience reduced libido and desire to indulge in sexual activity. The low libido is often caused by side effects of medication, lower testosterone levels, physical inactivity, and high blood pressure. Men with diabetes often experience problems in maintaining the erection till ejaculation. It happens because of damage to vascular structures. Retrograde ejaculation, a condition in which semen is ejaculated inside the bladder, is also a major sexual and erection problem that men with diabetes have to go through. 

  • Mental illness 

Arousal non-concordance is a pivotal factor in poor sex performance during sex for people with anxiety. In simpler words, the mind and body are not in sync during sexual activity. The body responds to arousal and orgasmic feeling when the mind is numbed. Similarly, depression dampens the desire to have sex since they lack the sense of developing social connections or getting involved in intimacy. Men who take medication for mental illness often experience increased serotonin which diminishes depression and anxiety and reduces the sex drive. Also, men who suffer from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) experienced exacerbated feelings of isolation, anxiety, and sexual dysfunction. 

In such cases, it is recommended to give up on the unhealthy habits of alcohol consumption, and exercising is encouraged. Treatment such as counseling, testosterone replacement therapy, penis implant surgery, penis correction surgery, and penile traction therapy is preferred for a man with other severe medical conditions. 

Even though all of these pills are designed for one sole purpose of improving sex performance, each drug and product is exclusive. The pills guarantee you with: 

  • Increased and improved blood flow to your penis. 

  • Improved sexual stamina.

  • Lasting and increased endurance. 

  • Harder and lasting erection. 

  • Long-lasting and intense orgasms

The top products for male enhancement

There are hundreds and thousands of male enhancement pills available in the market, and picking the right one is a tough choice. Choosing the right and effective pills depends on many factors, including the penis size and level of testosterone. The improved sexual performance isn’t all about the manliness of man; a better sex drive helps men with their confidence and offers health benefits. The diversity of male enhancement pills ranges from improving erection strength to boosting testosterone levels and lasting orgasms. 

The guide is composed to help the consumers explore the variety of pills to make informed choices when it comes to sexual life improvement. However, it is preferred to conduct thorough research and consult a professional urologist before deciding about these pills. So, without further ado, the most effective male enhancement pills are: 

  • Stiff Rox—bigger, stronger and longer

It is one of the top-rated natural sex supplements formulated to improve the blood flow for better erections. The product consists of a powerful combination of herbal ingredients to ensure lasting penis hardness while you last longer in the bed. It is suggested to take the pill 45 minutes before involving in any sexual activity. The highly potent ingredient of Tribulus helps in intensifying the orgasms while aiding in lubrication and arousal. It improves male virility and works on overall vitality.

The pill benefits the consumer with essential body nutrients and vitals while restoring and improving sexual health. It improves blood circulation with antioxidants, which also improves the overall fertility and functionality of the reproductive system. The pill works on the overall penile health with increased sex drive, premature ejaculations, and improved sex performance. Even though it is recommended to take one pill in four days, it improves the sexual function, satisfaction, pleasure and response to orgasm. 

  • Rhino Rush 777—the natural sex pill

Manufactured in the USA, Rhino Rush 777 is known for its effective results in strengthening erections, intercourse longevity, and treating premature ejaculation. The pill is made from natural ingredients and deals with major sexual issues, including weak erections and reduced libido. The right way to experience the full effect of the pill is to take it four hours before the intercourse to increase energy, sex drive and performance. The directions to use the pill are what set it apart from the other competitor male enhancement pills. 

It benefits the consumer with heightened arousals and sexual stamina while maximizing the volume of ejaculate. The natural ingredient and extract of Go Ji Extract helps in treating erectile dysfunction. The herbal extract regulates the hormonal levels and interest in sex for increased libido. The ingredient of Panax Ginseng helps in improving male fertility, spermatogenesis, and modulation of hormonal systems. It resulted in better testosterone production and boosted blood flow. Cordyceps helps in treating sexual hypofunction while improving the production of sperm, treating impotence, and amplifying the desire for sex. 

  • Resurrection—the gold-standard in male enhancement

Currently known as the most popular pill with growing demand and development, the pill is made for improving sexual health. The pill maximizes the regulation of hormones and testosterone production. It enhances control over erection and orgasm, taking the sexual experience to a whole new level. It works on alleviating the signs and symptoms of erectile dysfunction. 

The natural component of Ginger improves the production of testosterone, increases blood flow in testes, amplifies the testicular weight, quality of sperm while improving the testosterone response. The incredibly potent ingredient of L-Arginine improves the quality of orgasm while speeding up the flow of nutrients to cells and combats fatigue for having sex that lasts for longer durations. The leaf extract of Ginko helps in treating impotence and increases the male body’s ability to carry out sexual activity and maintain erection during stimulation. The powerful aphrodisiac ingredients boost sexual confidence, increasing penis plumpness and maximized width and length. 

  • Blue 6K—the extender for sexual drive and desire

The pill caters to various sexual problems, including lack of sexual performance and desire. It is designed especially for men who experience weaker erections and premature ejaculation. It works on boosting endurance and stamina and fights the problems related to fertility and penile health. Packed with natural ingredients to fight ED, the product guarantees instant and lasting erection and better stimulation. The primary product distinguisher is that it has zero side-effects and is free from synthetic preservatives and poor-quality filters. 

The natural extracts of the product help in effective treatment of sexual disorders, better spermatogenesis and improved sexual behaviour. It also helps in strengthening the penile tissues with improved blood flow. The herbal component of the pill helps in increasing testosterone, while raising the blood circulation rate and speed in the penile area. Make sure to take one capsule an hour before intercourse to experience improved sexual performance and optimal readiness regularly. 

  • Oh Baby -- the consumer’s favorite

The name hints at what the product is about. The unique formula is based on the Chinese herbs and natural medicines that have been used for centuries to treat the sexual problem of men. The product consists of ingredients that are extracted from natural sources. The product's primary purpose is to restore sexual performance and activity while improving general well-being. With over decades of success in treating the sexual problems of men, the product poses no harm to the health of the consumer. 

The antioxidant ingredient of Pueraria Lobata helps in alleviating symptoms of antifertility, improving sex drive, and elevating the energy levels for sexual activity. The plant-based ingredient of Dang Gui works on eliminating infertility while benefitting the user with improved erectile ad sexual functions and treatment of sexual dysfunction. The herbal extracts help in treating semen hyper-viscosity and keeping the semen healthy for longer times while improving ejaculation. The natural ingredient is also applied on the skin of penis to treat premature ejaculation.

All these supplements are available in the market do not have FDA approval. Follow the doctor’s prescription for usage of these pills if you have any medical condition.


Concluding thoughts

Experiencing reduced sexual desire and poor performance over the age of 40 years is a certainty that every man faces in his life. However, the way you decide to deal with it can make a huge difference. Choosing the right enhancement pill that can improve your sexual prowess is one of the effective methods to bring back the sexual flair. The choice of pill comes down to the composition and type of ingredients. Make sure to do thorough research before selecting and consult a professional to ensure the effectiveness of the product. 


While we work to ensure that product information is correct, on occasion manufacturers may alter their ingredient lists. Actual product packaging and materials may contain more and/or different information than that shown on our website. We recommend that you do not solely rely on the information presented and that you always read labels, warnings, and directions before using or consuming a product. Products, statements and descriptions related to the products, and our blog posts have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Products sold here are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. is not the manufacturer of any of the products sold on this website and assumes no liability for inaccuracies or misstatements about or related to such products.
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What is Red Spartan 3000 pill-Capsule

Male Sexual Enhancement Pill
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Side Effects of The Exten Zone 5000

Exten Zone side effects vary from person to person, but when we went over the reviews of the product left by our customers, here are some of the things that they have mentioned. Please note that this is not what everyone has experienced but some.

Negative Side EffectsPositive side effects
  • Headache
  • Stuffy nose
  • Sinus Pressure
  • Doesn't last 7 days
  • Last longer
  • Bigger erections
  • Intense Orgasm
  • Longer Erection

There are different types of Exten Zone and you can see them all on our website EXten Zone Premium Gold 5000 Male Sexual Enhancer Pill. Which one works for you? That's a hard question to answer. You can read our return policy and that should make it easy for you to decide.

Please note that this is not medical advice and statements mentioned or stated here are not approved by the FDA. This product does not claim to diagnose, treat, cure or do anything of the sort.

If you have any medical condition, you must not use this product. Specially if you have heart issues or high blood pressure.

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