Spartan or Red Spartan as it's formally known as a male enhancement product. it comes in single blister packages and has been on the market for more than 4 years.

The product claims to help with male erectile dysfunction. Red Spartan also claims to last UP TO 7 days in your body and if you read the reviews left by our customers, you would notice that very few people actually are lucky enough to get seven days out of the product.

Red Spartan also claims to help to gain size. Please note that while some customers approve of this claim to keep the gain in size you would need to use the product for a long period of time for the gains in size to become permanent. A single use of the product may help gain some size but that gain would last for a short period of time-based on how male organ functions and is made.

Red Spartan 3000 Ingredients:

Spartan has in total 3000 milligrams of ingredients. For more information about Red Spartan 3000 ingredients, you can visit our website product listing page Red Spartan 3000.


How fast does Red Spartan Pill work:

Based on our customers' feedback, the product could take anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours to be effective. The majority of our customers have been happy with the product and indicate that it does work. We recommend our customers who haven't yet used the product to start by giving the product four hours. Let's say that the product is going to stay in your system for at least 24 hours, giving yourself more time will enable you to know the product and just in case your body needs more time, you have given your system that time. Once you learn how fast the product works for you, you can take it accordingly.


Red Spartan Pill Side Effects:

Although Red Spartan claims that it will not cause any headache, some customers have mentioned that they have noticed headache. Stuffy nose or cold-like symptoms are another possible side effect of using this product.


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