Common Causes of Low Libido and No Sex Drive Alt image title: no sex drive, low levels of testosterone, menopause, vaginal dryness, psychological issues Image description: A woman lying in bed covering her face with her hands. There is no hard and fast rule that you should be aroused the moment you are in the mood for sex. It takes time, especially for a woman who wants to be pleased and feel pleasure throughout her body. Low libido means that your sex drive has decreased, and you may feel apprehensive when there is a chance of sex. Many reasons could be affecting your libidos, such as stress, anxiety, and depression which can make you feel withdrawn and avoid sex. 

  What are the most common causes that could insinuate low libido and no sex drive? 

Low testosterone Meta title: Common Causes of Low Libido and No Sex Drive Meta description: Low libido means that your sex drive has decreased, and you may feel apprehensive when there is a chance of sex. There is a chance that low levels of testosterone could be causing low libido in your sex life. 

Testosterone, also known as the sex hormone, is made in the testicles that help in sperm creation and structuring bone mass and muscles. Men can check their testosterone levels by getting a blood test to determine whether it is an issue. When men begin to feel that they have a low sex drive, they should consult a physician about why they could be feeling uneasy. 

Aging and menopause

 As you begin to get older, your sex drive can decrease. It doesn’t mean that with aging comes a low sex drive, but some men and women experience a fall in their libido as they begin to age. Menopause is also a core reason in women that may lead to them not being in the mood for sex. Menopause occurs in the 45 to 55 age bracket, when women stop having periods. When the estrogen hormone begins to fall in women due to menopause, they may not feel inclined to indulge in sex as they might be having hot flashes and night sweats, causing them distress. 

Bodily issues 

Men could face erectile dysfunction and pre-ejaculation, which might be causing them to have low libido. Sometimes sex can be painful as women could have vaginal dryness that may cause soreness and ache in the vagina. Women may have vaginismus which means that the vagina begins to tighten and stops the muscle from relaxing, which is core to having an orgasm. When there is a constant absence of orgasms in your sex life, you could feel reserved and inhibited, causing low libido. 

Psychological issues 

Individuals could be facing stress in their personal or professional life which might be causing low libido. Also, sometimes exhaustion and tiredness could make an individual not in the mood to get intimate. Individuals could have low self-esteem and negative thoughts about their bodies, making them feel vulnerable and have a low sex drive. Talk to a physician if you constantly feel that sex has become a task or a nuisance. Sex should be a regular physical activity that you should indulge in with your significant other to strengthen your love and make your relationship stronger. 

Usage of drugs and alcohol 

When an individual consumes excessive amounts of alcohol, it can cause low sex drive. Even doing drugs regularly can affect a man’s sperm count and decrease production. Consuming drugs and alcohol are harmful to health as it even causes illnesses such as liver damage and cancer. If you are actively trying to get pregnant, it is pertinent that you avoid using drugs and alcohol to increase the chances of pregnancy. All in all, having a low libido can aggravate a person and make them feel vulnerable. You must visit a physician who can guide you better on what steps you should take to have a healthy, stimulating sex life. Sex benefits in slowing down aging and makes an individual feel young and rejuvenated, and you should check the reason for a low sex drive.